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Fixing an old rotovap
« on: October 04, 2003, 08:24:00 PM »
For a long time my RBF with the long glass pipe that goes into the rotator of my old my rotovap always used to slid off the rotator to the point where the RBF stopped rotating. Having it to push back every minute annoyed the shit out of me so it just had to be fixed.

After looking what could be the problem i found that there is a simple clip/clamp inside the rotator which needed some maintenance.

Apparently after some time the little clamp that is supposed to keep the glass pipe not from sliding out during rotation seems to deform/bend as it is just a simple paperclip style clamp.

During the fixup some pictures where made so that other bee's that perhaps have the same problem with their older rotovap's long glass pipe slipping out the rotator can fix it too.

Here is the old clip in the rotator:

Now here we remove the clamp/clip by carefully putting a knife under it and pushing it out:

This is how the old worn clip/clamp looks like:

A new clip was made by bending a thick iron paper clip and then it was put back into the rotator, after testing out various ways in the bending of the clip i noticed that for best clamping results the endpoints have to be bend a bit inward:

And here is an image of all the happyness where the glass pipe actually stays in the rotator  8)