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OTC stirrer + OTC heating mantle
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Rh´s page:
Magnetic Stirrer Plan:

I saw somewhere also an OTC setup for a heating mantle.
I saw it here:

Post 428802 (missing)

(Organikum: "use a fucking heating mantle! DIY!", Newbee Forum)

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Proper linking
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mindlib: Please include links, as well as making proper post links (enclode the Post No in [square brackets] and it will become clickable.


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i thought computer fan motors were high speed,
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i thought computer fan motors were high speed, low torque?
i guess my concern is that when doing something like trying to dissolve a solid in a liquid, the solid which settles to the bottom would stop the stirrer, plus i don't know how you could use this design in conjunction with heating.

ive seen electric griddles (for instance by rival) which are temp controlled, (non-magnetic) aluminum, and the way they are designed there is plenty of room to put a stirrer underneath with very little distance seperating the magnets from the flask, but one would need a more heat proof design then the plastic computer fan.

lucky for me i got a great deal on  2 real magnetic stirring hotplates, literally i found on a curbside being thrown away in a not so great nieghborhood, so i can only imagine whAt they were used for in their previous life.