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Does anyone have the OTC
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Information that USE TO BE at

If you do please send me acopy of it.

WTF is that smell... It keeps following me.


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Quit whineing.
I am also no where near a chemistry god, but I like to help people.  And I like to fight for the good guys.  Thats why I post info.

If you think people owe you something because of what you post then you are mistaken.
Grow Up.

Also the more good stuff you post the more stupid questions you will get.  Take them as a complement.

Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety


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come on jan....... a forum  is like a  door to the  world and as we  know its full of shit out there, but not everywhere!!!

give if you want to give and don't expect to mutch..........

MfG MacRaney


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reimport it to exel as CSV with

Chemistry are not only the things that stink. :)