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Check out Vogel's book at my page too.
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Check out Vogel's book at my page too.


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ethyl iodode and ammonia
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the comlete book of ecstacy
chapter 9
LSD synth

"the other syntheses is diethylamine. It too makes you a marked man. Clandestine chemistry to the rescue. Diethylamine is a side product in the synthesis of ethylamine from ammonia and ethyl iodide which can be maximized with with a mole ratio of 1 to 2 respectively. It can be freed from the other two hydrochlorides (ethylamine, bp 16°C and triethylamine, bp 89°C) by basifying with excess 25% NaOH followed by fractional distillation (diethylamine, bp 55.5°C). "