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I have looked up these references to read them.  These have been posted before. 

phenyl-2-chloropropane 100% from cumene, chlorine, CO2, light (Chem. Ber., 89, 2641, (1956))

Correction: 2-phenyl-2-chloropropane is produced not the 1,...2... isomer

Meth by alkylation of Amphetamine from N-benylidene and methyl iodide heated at 100*C for a couple hours, followed by hydrolysis w/aq NaOH (JACS, 62, 922, (1940)

This is correct.  If the interest exists, I will post details on the procedure.

Bennies or Meth ~ 50% from the chloropropane, alcohol sat. with NH3 or MeNH3 cooked in an autoclave (bomb) at 160*C for 9hours.  (JACS, 68, 1009 (1946)

This one is also correct.  Will post details if interest exists.

Amphetamine- 91% from aniline, sodium borohydride, acetone, sodium acetate and acetic acid. (JOC, 28, 3259, (1963)

I'm posting the procedure and products for a similar reaction.  I don't think that amphetamine can be produced using this method.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Example 1:


NaBH4 (2g) was added in (30mg) portions over 10 minutes to a stirred solution in n-butylamine (1ml, 10.1mmols), NaAc-3H2O (2.7g), HOAc (8.4ml), acetone (5ml) and water (25ml) at 0*C.  Mix made alkaline, product extracted with ether, washed, and crystallized as the HCl salt.

0.96g, 63%, MP: 197-198*C Lit: 195-196*C

Example 2:


Similar to the above but used alanine as amine + 6ml of ethanol to dissolve aniline. 

amine 1.35g (91%) the benzamide had; MP: 62-65*C, Lit: 63-65*C