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Electrochemical Sodium Methoxide
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Method of making alkali metal alcoholates.    
Buckholtz, Harry E.; Bommaraju, Tilak V. 
(Occidental Chemical Corp., USA).    U.S.  (1995),   
US  5425856

Disclosed is a method of making an alkali metal alcoholate by performing the reaction MCl + ROH -> ROM + 1/2Cl2 + 1/2H2 with passing d.c. where M is sodium or potassium, ROH is methanol, ethanol, propanol, or butanol.  The process can be used to make sodium methylate in a modified Hybinette cell having a separator in between a cathode compartment and an anode compartment.  The cell is filled with methanol and a soln. of sodium chloride in methanol is added to the cathode compartment.  When d.c. is passed between the cathode and the anode, a soln. of sodium methylate in methanol collects in the anode compartment.  The soln. of sodium methylate can be continuously removed and cooled to sep. any sodium chloride in it which can be recycled back to the cathode compartment.  Alternatively, the sodium chloride can be added to the anode compartment while an inert salt is added to the cathode compartment.  The process can also be performed in a three-compartment cell. 

And this one

Alkali metal alcoholates.    
Hamann, Carl H.; Schneider, Juergen; Schmittinger, Peter; Stephan, Rudolf. 
(Dynamit Nobel A.-G., Fed. Rep. Ger.).   
Ger. Offen.  (1985), 
DE  3346131  A1  19850627 
Patent  written in German.  

An electrolytic cell contg. a cation-exchange membrane is used to produce alcoholates from alcs. and alkali metal compds.  An electrolytic cell contg. a Nafion 214 membrane was used to form MeONa according to the following equation: MeOH + MeCOONa ® MeONa + CO2 + 0.5C2H6 + 0.5H2.  The electrolysis was conducted for 2 h at 1.2 A and 10 V for a yield of 73 mmol out of a possible theor. yield of 90 mmol. 

Electrochemical production of chemicals by using an ion-conducting solid membrane.    
DE  19603181  A1  19970417 
Patent  written in German. 

A procedure is described for the prepn. of basic and fine chems. (esp. alcoholates from an alc. and an alkali metal compd.) using an ion-conducting solid membrane based on b-alumina (approx. formula Na2O.11Al2O3) as a sepg. element.  In an example, the electrolysis was carried out on a soln. of 0.15M NaCl in MeOH as the anolyte and 1M NaOMe in MeOH as the catholyte.  The electrodes were made of Pt gauze.  A water-free solvent was used on both sides of the solid membrane.

ransport and conversion processes in the direct electrochemical synthesis of alcoholates with Nafion membranes.    
Hamann, Carl Heinz; Theile, Volker; Koter, Stanislaw. 
Chem.-Ing.-Tech.  (1992),  64(7),  648-9.  
Journal  written in German.   
The permeability coeff., diffusion coeff., and elec. cond. of cation exchanger membranes of the Nafion type 417 and 423 were detd. for the direct synthesis of MeONa from NaCl in MeOH in membrane-sepd. electrolytic cells.  The direct electrosynthesis of MeONa was possible.  The membrane cond. in MeOH was lower by a factor of 4 than that in water. 

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