Author Topic: anethole to 2,5 bimethoxybenzaldehyde?  (Read 1895 times)

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anethole to 2,5 bimethoxybenzaldehyde?
« on: September 09, 2004, 02:03:00 PM »


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yes TFSE doesnt answer anything!
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2004, 03:40:00 AM »
yes TFSE doesnt answer anything on isosafrole from anethole..someone dosent take the time to read the english is a litle bad so i dont think i got the real point here..sorry.. but why is this not possible?


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anyone tryed this synth?
« Reply #2 on: September 10, 2004, 04:44:00 AM »
anyone tryed this synth?

I doubt sombee bothered with it since 2,5-dimethoxybenzaldehyde is more easily accessible from hydroquinone->p-MeO-phenol->2-hydroxy-5-MeO-benzaldehyde->2,5-diMeO-benzaldehyde. You would have to go trough p-MeO-phenol anyway so it doesn't make much sense oxidizing anethole and then performing a Bayer-Villiger reaction just to get something you can get from hydroquinone in one step. I might be wrong though and somebee might have done that.

would like to make some 2-cb but i have tryed this kloroform reaction to methoxy before without sucess

How is anybody going to understand this? Can't you at least use reaction names, post links or references? At least out of politeness if not for the sake of being understood. Are you talking about the Reimer-Tiemann formylation?

Is it possible to make isosafrole from the anethole without damaging the double bond on the isopropene?? any procedure to add methoxy directly to the benzene ring?


And a friendly advice: Next time you post a question, make it less cryptic so that everybee can underst it and make sure that it will show your effort in finding the answer by your own, either from literature, the net or by UTFSE.


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I was just reading this ...
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2004, 05:36:00 PM »
I was just reading this

And I was wondering there was talked about nonylphenol, is this the same as phenol crystals.
And can I make 4-methoxyphenol.
Out of phenol and MeOH and Mg (which makes magnesium methoxide after refluxing it).
And then after I got 4-methoxyphenol I dissolve it in NaOH solution. Then added to that chloroform.
Then I get 2-hydroxy-5 methoxybenzaldehyde after refluxing and distilling it under reduced pressure, and acidifing it and extracting with toluene etc.


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no, nonylphenol has a nine carbon alkyl group...
« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2004, 08:49:00 PM »
no, nonylphenol has a nine carbon alkyl group on the ring as well.  perhaps you should be posting this question in the "newbee" forum..

.. and no you wouldn't get 4-methoxyphenol from phenol in this formylation, you would get 2-hydroxybenzaldehyde.  Where is your methoxyl group coming from?  I suggest learning some basic chemistry before even attempting a synthesis such as this one.


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Well I'm learning, I'm just quite new to ...
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