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Salvinorin measurement + Psilocybin Question
« on: May 19, 2003, 04:22:00 PM »
Some months ago a link to a new improved&simplefied method to obtain pure Salvinorin A crystals by using only isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and naphta was published:

Location thread (cut&paste)

A bit late, I know, but today I realized that this opens the gateway to a very
much simplefied method (without a pair of scales) to obtain a dose which is
very exactly measured.

It goes like this. Suppose you have a given amount of crystalline Salvinorin A.
A few hundred milligram or so, obtained from less than a kg of dried lieaves.
The solubility of this compound is 1280 micrograms per milliliter of ethanol
@27 centigrade.

Now all you have to do is to put the crystals in a halfpint soda bottle along
with some alcohol. Close the bottle and place it in hot water. Wait until all
Salvinorin A is dissolved. Wait until the water temperature has cooled down to
27 centigrade. Some Salvinorin should precipitate out.

At this moment you know that the liquid contains EXACTLY 640 mikes per half
milliliter. Get the bottle out of the water, allow it to stand for half an hour
or so and VERY GENTLY draw up half a milliliter in a pasteur pipette (=balloon
pipet with measuring marks). Very gently because you do not want to disturb the
Salvinorin A on the bottom and draw some up in the pipette.

Now place a kingsize cigarette paper on the mouth of a longdrink glass, and
carefully drip the half ml on the paper leaf. Wait until it is dry (15 minutes
or so) and cut it in 6 pieces.

Each piece is about 100 mikes. Smoke in pipe or put under the tongue.

This method is far more accurate than making a 5x 10 x (etc.) salvia extract.
And the soda bottle should last a lifetime

Now my question is - if a similar approach for psilocybin is desired then what is the solubility of this molecule in ethanol at roomtemperature? Merck only gives the data for boiling methanol (1 part of PSOP in 120 parts moiling MeOH).