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_WRITEUP_ Piperin -> Piperonal
« on: July 11, 2002, 10:52:00 AM »
Hi Guys,

Swim was out to get things together for a chilli souce dip. When he went out shopping he ate 100mg MDMA, and was happy while shopping. When he came to the board with the black pepper he stoped and thought, why dont we try the piperin -> piperonal route.

Back in the house he ordered 100g piperin.

3 days later UPS brought the packet with 100g 98% piperin extract. Swim was happy and feeled the good in the piperin. So he got to his lab and pulled 50g of it in a 5L water canister that was laying around. then  added 3,5L methanol. nice yellow/orange solution. He took his tank with KOH and added 50g of it. the container got warm and swim felt lucky, he let it stand for about 1 day under (dremel)overhead stirring. When he woke up next day he went into the lab and saw his tank got normal room temp. he took of the overhead stirrer and stuck his ph meter in it, around 12 as swim remembers. swim took the container cap and closed the container. Swim made a hole in the cap and connected a hose into it, the hose ended in the bottom of a second container that has a icebath around it.The methanol potassiumpiperate mixture was heated int "THE LIGHTHEATER" until a half liter of methanol was left in that container.

Swim poured that mix in a 3L erlenmeyer and added 1L dH2O. mixture where heated on a hotplate/stirrer with magnetic stiring at slow stirring until 750ml where left. Swim thought that methanol has a lower bp. so it would go out first. Swim got a suspension so he looked for his muriatic acid, added about 100ml 32% or so (too much swim knows but wont hurt and muriatic is cheap). the change of color was realised. it was lighter and more neon like. He stirred over night and slightly warmed to 50°C or so.

Swim woke up went back to the lab, tested ph ... 0.8 so he made a vakuum filtration on that and the obtained xtals where dissolved in acetone and the acetone was filtered again. acetone was boiled nearly totaly of (Swim wanted to see some xtals !!

The acetone was put in a breaker and put on the hotplate at 50°C. xtals formed with yellow white color. Swim crushed the xtals and suspended them in a fresh cleaned 3L erlenmeyer in about 2L dH2O, the suspension was heated to 80°C and 60g Sodium bicarbonate were added.40g Kmno4 dissolved in 800ml dH20 was added after a few drops added start magnetic stirring to not overoxidise.

Swim sayed a Brown sludge where obtained... wich smells .... wonderfull odor...

after everything added swim let the mixture stand 2 days and then he went to his lab and filtered it, a lot of xtals hang in the filter ... as the writeup from thecook there was a yellow sludge as swim reported. swim switched his brain on and thought that that xtals in the filter should be the things he want so he took 25ml methanol ater the filter has dryed and put the filter on a filter and rinsed methanol over it. it was nearly clear swim looked in the filter and... YES all xtals are gone with the methanol, so he boiled it of and the last 100ml where allowed to crystalise without heat in a dark room. a half centimeter long crystals formed after a while. swim smelled the wonderfull odor of helitropin.

So Swim went over to make the nitrostyrene and Fe/HCL and Al/Nitro/Hg so now he is a happy owner 18g pure MDMA and he can go to the next shopping trip on MDMA :)))

Best regards to Swim :)))


Container for 15L color filled with sand and put in 4 ligthbulbs with a poti on the powersupply

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Are you implying that you got a 30% overall yield ...
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2002, 11:18:00 AM »
Are you implying that you got a 30% overall yield over five chemical transformations?

piperine -> piperic acid -> piperonal -> nitrostyrene -> MDP2P -> MDMA

I don't buy it at all...


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Never mentioned yields
« Reply #2 on: July 11, 2002, 11:26:00 AM »
I never mentioned any yields he got, its just the result of the 26g MDp2p/al/hg writeup that was followed. As i know there is a half batch mdp2p left in the storage container.
And i think when you can get 1KG piperin for about 40$ it would be worth the trouble :)

Chemistry are not only the things that stink. :)


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Iagree with Rhodium...
« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2002, 01:28:00 PM »
Iagree with Rhodium...I see that you made piperic acid...but what did you use to oxidize the piperic acid into piperonal? You didnt mention that.

Also how did you make the didnt explain that at all.  Please give more detail from nitrostyrene-->mdma.. i dont buy it at all either....

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Post deleted by Jan1983
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"is my english that bad??
« Reply #5 on: July 11, 2002, 05:38:00 PM »
"is my english that bad??" <---it can use some work  ;)

If your "writeup" was written a little bit more clearly then I wouldnt have missed it. But sorry anyway..I should have looked it over more carefully.

Also can you give us the yields from your piperic acid --> piperonal using potassium permanganate. I've read that permanganate is not the best oxidizing agent.

Ok now i understand the part from piperonal-->nitrostyrene-->mdp2p-->mdma, thanks for clearing that up.

If you really did infact make mdma from piperine can you tell us the yields from each step? If you really did have success with this procedure I think im going to start synthesizing MDMA from pepper!!

I am sorry for the doubts i gave you if you werent lying.. and if this works i will thank you once i make my own batch of mdma from pepper. I think this procedure could very well be the best OTC way to make mdma.

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As for this being OTC, there's always the ...
« Reply #6 on: July 11, 2002, 06:39:00 PM »
As for this being OTC, there's always the nitroethane hurdle.

But I also want to know what the yeilds were from piperic acid to piperonal.  What were your analytical procedures?  Did you distill?  MP?

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What did you use to prepare your nitroalkene? Was it nitromethane or nitroethane?


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Piperine from Black Pepper
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(Rhodium: "Piperic acid from black pepper", Methods Discourse)