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denaturated alcohol vs methanol
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Methanol is better for a/b extraction and...
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Methanol is better for a/b extraction and Denatured alchahol is better for recrystallisation.


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SWIS has always used denatured for pulling...
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SWIS has always used denatured for pulling beans first and then when a mass of bean sludge accumulates from all the diff beans over time, pulls with methanol to make sure and get any hidden pseud out.
Methanol is sometimes preffered because of not any smell to it really. But do bee careful and have proper ventilation.
 After time SWIS has found the smell of denatured a pleasing aroma to ones sences.


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8 hours soaking?
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Only if using the Tyvek method.....
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.....otherwise, add alky to pills (normally after grinding) and stir well for several minutes. Let all the pill mass settle back to the bottom, and allow the alky layer to get as clear as possible before pulling the alky off, and adding another volume to the PM and repeating. Swic used to wait 30-60 minutes before pulling the alky off the GUPS. Now he only uses a Tyvek membrane when doing alky pulls, and he DOES do 8 hour MeOH soaks for that. It's a lot less stinky than denat, but they both work about the same. ISO works the best for yields, but pulls to much trash out with the goods.




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try flying STE
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Arlen: Give the Straight to E technique a try. It might just suprise the hell out of you. Use some generic white 60's or 120's as they are. Do it by the writeup, to the letter. You can play with it all you want later---just do it once the way VideoEditor wrote it up. It will surprise you.