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H3CH-CH2-O-CH2-CH3 diethyl ether has a oxygen with two lone pairs of electrons. This gives the molecule a semi-polar charge because of atoms electronegativity charges. This helps in the solvent action with the CaH2 and haloephedrine.

tetrahydrofurane (oxolane) can be used?


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RE: oxalane
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From what I know THF is preferrable over ethoxyethane in this regard because the lone pairs on the oxygen are much less sterically hindered than in diethylether giving a much better solvating effect.


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reduction of Ephedrine via SOCl2 w H2 as catalyst
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A REAL LIVE Failure! YeS!
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8) Marvilous Marvin,
stimulated by possibilities,
entranced with dreams,
motivated by hope,
and positively full 0f imagry of the
wonderful contribution he was about to make
to ALL of Mankind:
(parTICKUlarly hisownselfness,)

did approximately the following,
as well as I could see thru the
40X looking glass,
and after decipherig his screams of rage,
an plaintive sobs of self-pity,
after the fool flubbed the deal...


So anyway, looks like he took 6.5 grams of
 fake ephedrine (pseudo) and put it in a
250 ML beaker and was intent on adding the
'zact amount of ZnCl2 and HCl
to chlorinate the
6.5 grams,
but upon opening his
tightly-close bottle of ZnCl2,
discovered that the hygroscopic nature
of the material had confounded the HDPE plastic
and slurped enough H2O thru some ?? tiny orifices
to make your basic (<<anti pun..) :)
 unmeasured thick viscous
35% HCl brown solution
and the underlying undissolved
but damn solid mass
a real pain in the ass to deal with .

As a matter of fact, after seeing the guy trying
to pry some out with various tools,
I watched him finall go to his drill press
and drill some out.

So an unknown amount of Lewis acid blend was
poured on top of the huge pile of crystals
in the beaker.  It didn't dissolve it:
not by a long shot..

A watch glass was put atop the beaker to
minimize splattering..

The beaker was put in a glass measuring cup.

The measuring cup was put inside a large
sealable plastic kitchen-leftover type bag.

The large sealable plastic kitchen-leftover
type bag was put in the microwave.

The microwave was turned on, and the mass was seen
to dissolve into a viscous brown liquid.

the time of irradiation was about 2.5 minutes total:
each time the material was seen to begin to boil,
it was shut off and allowed to cool
for 15 seconds or so.

The bag began to swell, and Marvey,
who has trashed several microwaves,
decided to not trash his latest, and took the
bag, cup, beaker, and liquid outside to cool.

After it had done so, it appears that he
added some cheap-o $8/gal hardware store
alcohols, which is predominantly methyl:
with ethyl mostly # 2, but it varies.

surprisingly dry, it has been found..

He washed the material
in about three 150 ML quantities.,
and filtered it.

He mixed the alcohol with xylene,
and placed it on a stirring hot plate. 
As the mixture stirred, he added small  pieces of
CaH2, and did so as the temperature rose,
with copius H2 outgassing.

At the elimination of all alcohols at around 90C,
the hydride reaction became almost negligible.

The liquid was cooled, and filtered.

As  the .HCl and the Cl were eliminated from the
target molecule, forming an insoluble salt, the
now methamphetamine freebase
became intrained in the
Xylene, where, after gassing, it yielded the most beauteous
desoxyphedrine ever you have seen.!!!

this of course, was what the
loathsome Marvin had dreamed in
his vacant head:

and the absence of such a result
was the proximate cause for the
pitiful wailing, caterwauling, and cursing
which subsequently eventuated.

No, the poor dumb fuck got a cloudy white
broken-moleculed mess of extremely small particulate
chunks of god knows what but it wasn't what he was looking for.  .HCl salt chunks of it..  elsuckamundomucho

Pretty funny: you would think
he would come to realize that
what he thinks is going to be really suPERB
has likely already been thought about
by somebody who
may actually know what they are doing:

and generally dismissed outright as stupid.

;) Oh well: he seems to have fun in his fantasies.

and it's sure fun watching the poor bastard
carry on like that..

  i think likely the microwave treatment raises the
effectiveness of the chlorination so much that the
molecule has Chlorides sticking out in all directions,
and when the calcium  comes up it just rips the shit
outada molly-cule.

Isn't that good chemist talk?
 "rips the shit outa da 'cule."?? ;D


Maybe somebuddy else has anudder idear??

Maybe a weaker Lewis combo oughta be used??

Howzabout Calcium chloride?

or maybe just 30 seconds at boiling?

who knows.. ::)

For real chemists doing real things:

For nifty models of alcohols, see