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this elevator has taken off in a rush
« Reply #21 on: June 26, 2004, 09:10:00 AM »
geez: as an IV user, I appreciate the "rush" my good gear gives me, but whilst I call it a rush, I'm pretty certain that its the same this as what your talking about.

Having used Hypo, Phos and RP all of varying quality with LG I2 (and progressivly more and more h20-funny about that)in rxn's ranging from 3-20 hours for a couple of years now I'm pretty sure I've got a idea of the "awareness" you talk about.

However, its my experience that there is a "saturation point" for your body. If I've had a couple of clean days, put a cook on, sleep for 15 hours (big meal etc etc) wake up, work it up, bang it up, it takes 30 to 60 seconds to start to feel the "thump"  (i usually use 0.125g) it can be like you say, a sudden feeling (angsity) that the elevator aint gonna stop at your floor. Then its bright eyed bushy tailed for quiet some time.

However, here is were there maybe some confusing for some bees I beelieve.

My body wasn't saturated for this first one, and me being an absolutly disgusting pig every once in a while, will follow this 0.125g with another an hour later, and maybe one more a couple of hours later. and with the first "dose" saturating my system, these next two have a somewhat different "thump", you can feel it whilst its still in your arm, its dazzling (and damaging), but yes you could call it a "rush", i can't usually call it anything for a couple of hours, but thats the general idea ;-)

I once hit .31g of some very clear glass beads after an error with my slide bar scales (the zeroing weight was well out) and I can say for certain that that was an absoult "rush",  but only because that elevator just didn't stop. I realized something was wrong when jacking back and my blood was an extraordinary crimson, but it wasn't dispersing in the water, it had a very sharp edge to it- i was pushing it in at this stage and as I got near the end I work out that what all these things were caused by was the incredible thickness of the liquid, but it was toooooo late.

Yes that was a rush, but I know it wasn't solvent, or salt for that matter.

Yes, I know these ammounts might sugest to some that I don't know what "cooked" means, but whist i'm sure its not as good geez's or other beez i know it anit that far short.

Sorry for the ramble, but i understand the "if he gets a rush, he doesn't get it full stop" point of view, but also feel that it may just be the way an individual describes it.and lets face it, whilst you feel like your thinking with world class clarity, your observations ARE under an influence not matter how good your shit is.

He say rush, I say don't be rash. It might be the same thing.

and thats my 2 cents worth.


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You know you hit up
« Reply #22 on: June 26, 2004, 11:10:00 AM »
You know you hit up when you do meth. You get high. I'm not talking about the elevator up to being high. I'm talking about a rush from slamming drugs. You want to experience a rush, slam cocaine when you are fresh. Slam a quarter gram and hold on. Or slam a quarter gram cut with H. Talk about rush. That's a rush. Compared to those, meth provides a minor ride on a kiddie roller coaster. Get the salts out and the meth rush is uneventful at best.

You get high. You feel yourself get high. But clean meth doesn't give you a rush that a junkie learns to love. I have friends who love to fire meth and don't like my meth to slam because its too clean. Not enough physical side effects to them. Give them the same meth mixed with a lttle epsoms salts and they love it. Its what they are looking for. No accounting for taste, I guess.


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meth isn't the drug of choice for a slam
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Couldn't agree with you more. Slamming .4g of MDMA with a little coke, yeah, thats a rush.  Hammer is sooooo nice, but thats the one I won't let myself acquire a source as I like it way tooo much.

Guess I just call it a rush sometimes cause its the word you learn (correctly) to use when you first use. Then you do it yourself, and you know its not quiet the same, but RUSH is an applicable term, even if not quiet accurate. I didn't choose to slam .31, and would not do so again. being that wired is not fun, and believe me, .31 leaves you wired, no matter how clean.


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rush?? no problem
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Add a pench of salt to your shit and you will have your rush


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Speaking of hammer, what became of him?

PM me if it's one of those non public matters.


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When salt is said to cause the rush many say they enjoy.  Is that adding salt to it at the time of useing or at the time of crystalizing?  Looking to experiment


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I think Jacked means to add a pinch to your...
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I think Jacked means to add a pinch to your final product after recrstallization.


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Mr. Monday
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I do believe is anyone here is full of shit it you, with all due respect.  Apparently you have never IV'd pure meth.  Ask Jemma.  I am sure rhi knows what she is talking about!

Hell swim has iv'd his own 36 hour refluxed shit and got no rush.

Lets clear one thing up, it does give you (when the meth kicks in) euphoria, but absolutely nothing like a good coke i.v. rush.


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« Reply #29 on: June 29, 2004, 09:34:00 AM »
I don't know what time-frames are implied in any of your definitions of "rush", but assuming it's nearly  instantaneous, here is some biology to consider: 

It takes at least 20 seconds for blood to circulate once throughout the body. If anything is injected into a vein in the arm (which is close going back to the heart), since the carotid artery is one of the first recipients of heart output, lets say that it takes about 5-10 seconds for an injection to reach the brain.
A) It's not as if all of the MA jumps out of the capillaries, perfectly single-file, and heads towards the pertinent receptors.
B) Even at that, the mechanism of action is a gradual build-up of endogenous norepinephrine and dopamine in the synapses as prompted by the hardy and affine mimic, methamphetamine, stimulating from upstream.. There's no reuptake leakage or massive release like cocaine or MDMA.. No strong receptor blockade like heroin. 
(A drug binds to receptors instantly, and receptors may modulate their neuron's output directly, but that output could take any length of time to affect the rest of the brain.)
C) There is very little methamphetamine (esp. d-meth) can affect outside of the brain. Unlike cocaine, for instance, which can directly interact with Ca++ channels (which are all over, but especially important in cardiac muscle) and with Na+ channels (thus the topical anaesthesia), at least.(It's a big funky molecule, after all..)

Anyhow, All-in-All, Needless To Say:

If you feel much of anything very pronounced and systemic too instantly upon IV injection of methamphetamine, then it is most likely just shock.

Ever do too much cleaning in an under-ventilated room with over-concentrated bleach?   ..BOY, was that a rush I'll never forget: Angry and confused. High quality poison gas. ..It did invoke a fight-or-flight response -- which is maybe where the whole confusion arises..


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Dark crimson in the rig
« Reply #30 on: June 29, 2004, 11:54:00 AM »
IHSIN- I know what you are talking about.  When I was a younger fungoid and there was a golf ball in the filter drying under the lamp, swim would get impatient and break off a chunk for the spoon.  Upon administration, there would be a burn that ran all the way up my arm, and sometimes the blood would clot so quickly that I wouldn't even be able to get it all in without gripping the rig so hard that I would poke through the vein and miss.  Good old Cole.  Between the hot dry fasties, and the wet D, I was rushing like hell.  Sometimes my dumb ass would have to stick my head in the freezer because of the hot lungs/head and the tunnel vision.  Now, when swim does run across the occasional spoon, he agrees with geez and prefers nice, clean, iodine-free almost clear water in his rig.  This might be unacceptable or frowned upon, but when swim has just added his water to the cook-pot, he takes a bar of magnesium on a string and puts it in the pot to let all the b.s. bubble off.  One time he left it in the pot for a few hours and his honey turned clear as water- when he gassed it, it formed rock hard chunks as soon as the gas hit the blue- no "applesauce".