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cleaning MSM from METH?
« on: April 19, 2004, 07:20:00 AM »
What is the best way to clean MSM from METH?  It looks good, big crystals but definately cut.  I would really appreciate any help.  Oh, I realize it's gonna depend on to what extent it is cut, but how much produt can I expect to lose?
Thanks, Sally


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Are you sure it is MSM - .....??
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2004, 09:08:00 AM »
Are you sure it is MSM - .....??

Methylsulphonylmethane is indeed used as a cut for meth (damn those scurrilous dogs) but not normally product that has been crystalized (and still in crystals/chunks ie: not crushed/powdered up again) - MSM normally used for powder.


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From the Search Engine
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Post 344380

(Rhodium: "Removing MSM from Methamphetamine", Stimulants)

Also, I believe Jacked said something before about MSM being soluble in warm/hot acetone.


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Successful removal of MSM
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2004, 04:06:00 AM »
Recently, the quality of street gear has depreciated to such an extent that you may chew some of these fine clear glass crystals and look at your partner wondering, taste anything ?

If you answer no, it's possible your stuff is cut in ratios like 2:1, 3:1, .... maybe as bad as 10:1

Does your dope have a terrible asparagus / brussel-sprout taste to it ? I'm curious what this is, as it's new to my palate and most distasteful and somewhat correlated with cut dope....

I have recently been following (the following) procedure:

Phase 1: DRY THE ACETONE.. really...
1) Really pay attention to microwaving the heck out of your epsom salts for 3-5 minutes. Break apart the resultant rock with a hammer. If this isn't necessary, keeep microwaving...
2) Drop 3-5 grams of dry Epsom powder into a standard Acetone squirter bottle (laboratory style) or your make shift snapple bottle or whatever...
3) Agitate slightly for a while to expose the salts to the acetone so they may suck out some of the moisture in your hydrated acetone. Let the acetone sit - I have found a difference in leaving it 24 hours.

Phase II: Chill the acetone
1) Place your acetone in Freezer (i have a subzero + vacuum/vapor condenser freezer- so my stuff wont get re-hydrated, etc) - probably best if you can make the container somewhat air-tight...
2) after 30 minutes to 1 hour, your acetone should be 0 degrees Celcius, or thereabouts...
3) Crush up your cut street gear and place at the bottom of a flask.
4) COver this powdery mass with an inch or two (use less, not more) of your very cold, hopefully dry acetone.
5) Agitate or swirl the flask for 30 seconds, cover, and place back in refrigerator.
6) Agitate every few minutes (this may not be necessary, but I'm just giving you all the steps I take...) The goal is to keep the acetone cold, and simultaneously dissolve the MSM. Several minutes to 30 minutes is enough time to refrigerate and agitate, etc.
7) Decant (pour off) your acetone into another flask or cup or crytal plate or whatever your have. In theory, this acetone contains the cut used, and maybe you'd like to verify this by evaporating the acetone and seeing what you've got left. Worst case scenario is that your acetone is still too wet and there's some meth in your acetone which will be evident from the taste of the junk left over after the acetone evaporates.

8) Finally, you are left with a powdery mass in your flask which appears "wet" from the residual acetone not yet completely evaporated. Let this sit at room temp or carefully warm it and let the acetone evaporate. In theory, you have cleaned up your gear, and you may proceed by removing the now dry powder from the flask and consuming as you normally would.

Remember- methHCL powder is as good as methHCL glass - indeed they both become the same liquid mass in your pipe and snap back to crystal form after an initial heating.
But if you want to recrystallize, you may dissolve the powder into distilled H20, doing so dropwise!! until a soupy liquid is sitting in your flask. Then evaporate (carefully- ie dont heat on stove or be impatient unless you're experienced at this) and you will be left with one solid rock which in my case is often so hard, i need to use a hammer to break it apart for consumption.

I dont recommend this process for anything less than an 8-ball or 3.5 grams. You can try it- it's just micro-chem extraction lab...

An alternate method of MSM removal:

Rhodium and others have posted about the DEA's usage of convection heating at 105 C to sublimate (or "evaportate-off") the MSM. It works- but I like the above process better- stuff tastes funny / has slight color change every time I bake it at 100C or so...

It does work, however- and the key to it is having a convection oven. It doesn't work nearly as well in my toaster oven.

The principle at work is that you are exploting the difference in respective melting points of methHCL and MSM.
MSM sublimates (thank god) at 105C whereas MethHCL melts at 175 C (approx). Thus, meth goes nowhere at 105 for 10 minutes, whereas you effectively boil off the MSM at this temp/time duration.

real simple: heat your street gear in a convection oven for 10 minutes at 100-110 C (approx 225 F). You wont necessarily see the missing MSM anywhere- b/c your glassware will be evenly heated and the MSM wont stick to it at that temp... It will basically be plated out on the first surface it enounters which is colder than 110C....

I'll post a picture of what this weekend's cleanup effort yielded from some supposedly good street gear. So even "good" stuff is polluted- by as much as 50/50. Yes- this stuff you could feel on the first hit or so, pre-cleanup. Post cleanup- it was impressive to the zombies even, and required hammer-breaking to begin using. :-)

I'll post the picture of the MSM crystals next...


ps. I respectfully disagree with an earlier reply- MSM is used precisely because it forms beautiful crystals and because these crystals are difficult to discern from pure authentic meth crystals. Perhaps a neural network could eventually be trained to pick one from the other, but so far, I've read nothing nor developed an accurate sense of how to predict the quality of the gear from the look and feel of the crystal. Indeed- some of the powder has been far superior to some of the crystal found in the bag.....