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Preparation of methylbenzylketone:
54g phenylacetylchloride dissolved in the same volume of toluene was added to a solution of methyl-zink-iodide, which was prepared from 32,5g zinc (as zinc/copper couple) and 71g methyliodide in toluene and 16ccm ethylacetate ("Essigester"). Yield: 34g, 72% of theory.

Earlier in the article the preparation of phenylacetylchloride is mentioned:
...was prepared in quantitative yields from phenylacetic acid and thionylchloride....

P2P is only a precursor in the experiments of the authors and so they keep it short.

Earlier it is mentioned that hydrolysis of 3-phenyl-propionylacetone, C2H5.CO.CH(C6H5).CO.CH3 with 20% aqueous NaOH solution yields a mixture of ethyl- and methyl- benzylketone