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SAR of quaalude analogs and homologs -drone342
« on: April 19, 2000, 11:33:00 AM »
Author    Topic:   SAR of quaalude analogs and homologs
drone 342
Member     posted 09-03-98 11:41 AM          
While opiates, amphetamines, cannabinols, and arylcyclohexylamines have all been beaten to death from a SAR standpoint (whoa, was that lightning that just struck?), are there any definative studies on the structural activity relationship of 'ludes? What exactly is the pharmacological mechanism?

-drone #342

Administrator     posted 09-03-98 06:01 PM          
I'm sorry for sounding a bit negative, but is the pharmacology of the 'ludes interesting enough to warrant this?

Am I the only one who feels that the 'ludes has a close to nil recreational value?

Administrator     posted 09-03-98 07:11 PM          
I agree with Rhodium. This entire site is an amphetamine or phenethylamine site. Strike really doesn't want the LSD and opium stuff that people post here either. But what can you do?

It dilutes the brain power of this site to force discussion on things very few of us have intimate knowledge of.

drone 342
Member     posted 09-05-98 05:40 PM          
Gee, I'm taken aback here. I'm not sure entirely what to say. My understanding was that this new section was to be devoted to chemistry that was somewhat more esoteric.

All of the chemistry we've discussed here has been decidedly non-mainstream; I'm suprised that there wouldn't be a bit more tolerance towards the study of non-PEA materials. Nobody is forced (as far as I know) to discuss *ANY* subject.

I suppose I can relate; just as I find p-phed reductions and basic primitive wire chem-hackery tedious, so one might find China white and methaqualone pharmacology unappetizing.

Regardless, I feel there is a need for a discussion of *all* of these verboten compounds -- and right now, methaqualone and its chemical cousins have me fascinated. While I've dug up a mountain of information on the pharmacology of opioids, phenethylamines, arylcyclohexylamines and a lot of other chemicals, there really doesn't seem to be much research into the activity of quaaludes. This, along with their quasi-aphrodisiac effects, is what interests me. I know I'm not alone on this one.

The other problem is that the chemistry of one classification often melds into the chemistry of another. There's a lot of common ground between PEA's and tryptamine chemistry, and many other compounds.

Even still, I'm not the only one guilty here of technically getting off topic in this new section. Already a GHB analog thread is here, and I guaruntee more random things will come from other upstanding Hive citizens.

However, for the sake of politeness, I'll refrain from starting any additional quaalude threads.

-drone #342

Arthur Bach
Member     posted 09-09-98 02:26 AM          
Strike never tried Ludes ? Rhodium ? Come on guys... Rhodium I can see, you were too young, but Strike ?

Let me tell ya, I was there in the 70's, Ludes are the shit ! If you get a chance to get ahold of the swiss pill called "Semed" take a quarter of the pill and you will know what all the excitement was about 20 years ago.

Peace all...AB

Administrator     posted 09-13-98 06:05 PM          
Well arthur, to me the effects of Methaqualone is about the same as those of those that would be produced from an Alcohol/Valium cocktail, that is, no fun.

Maybe my brain chemistry is screwed up, because I like GHB, weed and other downerns, so it's just the ludes that don't appeal to me.