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Alternative HI production question
« on: June 12, 2002, 10:09:00 PM »

Firstly,please excuse me If I have the wrong forum.

Ok,so after fucking around with some Iodine and turpentine
and coming up with what I can only assume as some possitive results according to what Hermetic and Elementry posted on the subject a while back I thought Id try something a little different,and came up with(dreamt)something I hope will be of use to someone other then swim.
After washing the gum turpentine with dh20 swim took her Psychokitty style Hcl gas generator (e.g a double hole stoppered beer bottle and a syringe with a hose to a h20 trap) and placed roughly 5-7gms of finely ground iodine into the bottle.
A few mls of the prewashed turpentine where loaded up into the syringe and some R.p was loaded into the moisture trap(were the epsoms usualy go).The hose from the trap was lead through a condensor and then under some (not a great deal)of ice cold dh20.
A tiny squirt of turps onto the iodine and whoosh,nice fluffy white plumes of misty smoke go shooting up and through into the water,under which I assume the vapour/smoke was condensed as little if any escaped.
Kept this going very slowly until I couldnt see any more action within the bottle.At this stage a dark brown puddle had formed on the bottom of the bottle and the cold Dh2o had a yellowish tint to it which tested positively quite acid.Some heat was noted and a hell of a lot more action was observed when compared to the reverse(e.g iodine onto turps)
I know I could have been a bit more scientific in my aproach but this was basicaly just the result of boredom with no expectation of such promising results.

Ok enough b.s. what I would like to know is :

A)is this vapour/smoke infact HIg and if not what is it that turns my water acid?

B)if any side products would be present within the smoke/vapour that would need further refinement.

C)What these sideproducts would likely be.And what would be the cause.e.g purity of turpentine.Type of terpene used.atmosphere ect

D)What would you think the remaining residue would consist of besides some Iodine?(not a biggy just curious)

E)anything else you guys think I should know.

If this is HI Im sure one could safely scale up using the same device.Hope so anyway.

thanks all
look forward to your answers.

P.S to the learned ones I apologise for these questions, as
I know they prolly` sound a little lazy.
Please rest assured,ballz is undertaking steps to become more versed in the language of chemistry,but for now is not quite at the stage of working out equations and such.Nearly but not quite.Soon but not tonight.


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« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2002, 10:54:00 PM »
At the moment we can only rely on the patents description and Hermetics Experiments.

Unfortunety the patent does not give any detailed information regarding what the terpine etc actually changes into after hydrogen is removed from it. I remember even Rhodium asking the question.

From a theoretical point of view I think that the use of rosin may hold benefits over turpentine as the rosin is less volatile, leading to less contamination of the produced HI on gentle heating. But then again we have to ask ourselves, is a little turpentine contamination gonna hurt any future reactions using the HI ? while also considering the possibilty of later removal of contamination during purification of the goodies (methamphetamine).

Any work/findings you or any other bees do/have on this procedure is greatly appreciated.

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