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Tryptamine Chemistry / Re: Suggested 2 step reaction to AMT
« Last post by Tsathoggua on Yesterday at 10:12:57 PM »
How about conversion of the aliphatic -OH to the halide via a modified Appel rxn. This (Appel reaction) relies on conversion of PPh3 to a diphenylphosphonium halide, which is the active halogenation agent.

The classic rxn uses carbon tet and PPh3, which (the latter) can be used in catalytic quantities apparently. Yes toady once asked if chloroform could be used in place of carbon tet, for chlorinations, but seemingly whilst the reaction would proceed it would be exceedingly slow. It seems remarkably versatile, at least, inasmuch as one wishes to react an alcohol to an alkyl halide. The versatility comes from being able to utilize carbon tetrachloride, tetrabromide, tetraiodide (this last is thermodynamically unstable and should be stored if it must be so at 0'C or preferably, prepared and immediately cooled prior to use). It can be produced, reportedly via reaction of C-tet with I2, but MeI, I2, Br2 and even alkali metal ionic salts have been used for this modified Appel. It converts alcohols into alkyl halides. Quite a kick ass rxn. Been contemplating its use for synthesis of chlormethiazole or bromethiazole in fact, for times I've run out of SOCl2.
Stimulants / Re: another pseudo question
« Last post by Quean_Bee on Yesterday at 04:53:19 AM »
Not to dig up an old thread, but alas it is another pseudo question. Where I am we have pseudo ranging from 30-240mg and anything in between.

Anyone know if it possible to pull from no sources meds or do the included additives make it a non-option?

Please read the rules. The naming of sources is not allowed, and neither does posting it give you any advantage.
Tryptamine Chemistry / Re: Suggested 2 step reaction to AMT
« Last post by Beard on Yesterday at 01:42:43 AM »
You can't reduce the group using standard methods, so how about these two papers which have definitely graced the Hive before...</p><p>1) Olah, G.A. et. al., J. Org. Chem., 44(8), 1979, pp 1247.</p><p>2) Sakai, T., et. al., Tet. Let., 28(33), 1987, pp 3817.</p><p>Both of these papers are different spins on Me3SiCl and NaI. The first turns the alcohol into a Iodide, and the second eliminates it all together. Both sets of reaction proceed at room temperature in good to excellant yield.

Referenced papers available here (no javascript required to download them):

* J. Org. Chem., Vol. 44 ( Issue 8 ), 1979, pp 1247. @ or (24 hours)
* Tet. Let., Vol. 28 (Issue 33), 1987, pp 3817. @ or (24 hours)

Alts ( Javascript required, no SSL :( but always available ):

I tried to upload them directly & attach to this post, but I kept getting an error:

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Harm Reduction Resources / Re: for those who preform nurse duties.
« Last post by Kasey Jones on January 17, 2017, 06:50:44 PM »
The problem for me is: if i have a box of syringes laying around, i will be tempted to get something to put in them!  I do understand your reasoning because ive jonesed hard enough to dig throuh the trash to find an old rig and used a matchbook to try and sharpen a dull point....when you reach a certain point (pun intended)  you have to babysit yourself, otherwise you will waste years hiding in the basement until the paranoia wears off to do another shot:(
Harm Reduction Resources / for those who preform nurse duties.
« Last post by leskovaccory on January 16, 2017, 04:40:34 AM »
Don't reuse syringes. Harm reduction 101.
Nobody likes hearing it when it's hard to obtain them or whatever your reasoning may be but it's a critical topic to touch on. Be a realist when it comes to it. If you do it consistantly then next time, buy a box if you can. Not a bag or two. Not a couple singles. Buy the box. It really is the best way to be going about it. Don't feel anxious about having so many or what other people might think or any of that sort of that nonsense. Stay safe, stay healthy.
Newbee Forum / Re: cocaine hcl a/b extraction
« Last post by Lange on January 09, 2017, 05:02:20 PM »
Newbee Forum / Re: cocaine hcl a/b extraction
« Last post by myhero on January 09, 2017, 10:03:26 AM »
Acid need to be 37% HCl, there was too much water in your HCl
News / Re: 1.2 tonnes of MDMA (Australia)
« Last post by cerium on January 05, 2017, 07:37:02 PM »
Very good point Tsath. When they bust and count weight, it is the total weight of binders filers and substances that might not even be actual MDMA. So if a pill weighs 0.250g and only 0.100g is MDMA the other 0.150g are lumped in the seized weight. So for the (assumed) guilty your getting charged for the extra weight, for law enforcement, your over embellishing. The monatery value is always over exaggerated and taken at the highest inflation and counted at single dose increment.
At that kind of size load, those people are paying cents per dollar for the product. With precursor technology, single kg's range down to $120-$150 USD, $80usd>  on 50kg+, people with those connections buying precursors by the metric ton, would most likely get kg for less than a meal atca fast food restaurant. The average cost to produce 1kg of pure MDMA with good precursor, cost of chems for the rxn, excluding, glassware and other equipment is roughly $300-$600 USD ttops.
The other reality is that most pills are closer to 180-250mgs now.
Newbee Forum / Re: cocaine hcl a/b extraction
« Last post by Lange on January 02, 2017, 06:18:38 PM »
first of SORRY for replying to this old thread. I dont have permission to post thread in noob section, nor do I believe the content to be worthy of its own thread. The following lack informative substance and basic chemistry understanding - and may not to be considerated appropriate for this lvl of community. In such case - im sorry.

2 grams of cocaine hcl was dialuted with 40ml of destilled water.
Solutions was filtered and slowly drop wise added an 8% solution of ammoniak.
The base was participated and collected - Rinsed with huge amount of water and  then dried over mgs04.
The dry base was added to a solution of heptan 120ml/g
A new solution of 2,5ml 30% hcl in 100ml acetone was mixed and app 15ml was slowly added to the base solution. This was sealed and let stand for 30 hours.

no cocaine hcl was participated. the solution became coudly/milky but no x tals forming. What have I done wrong?
News / Re: 1.2 tonnes of MDMA (Australia)
« Last post by Tsathoggua on December 25, 2016, 03:59:19 PM »
The filth WAY overstate things. Especially in the US from Tsath's reading. Take counting the weight of the paper substrate used to hold L for example, in the total drug weight. Turning a few tens to hundreds of mg (assuming a relatively decent size theft) into ounces and pounds.

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